The Ruins Of My Life 5: I Have A Right 4: Postado por Alex Sala. Paid In Full Radio Edit 3: White Pearl, Black Oceans 8: I Want Out 3: Paid In Full 4:

Nome: ecliptica sonata arctica
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Blinded No More 5: The Wind Beneath My Wings 4: Don’t Say Dcliptica Word 5: Jam Hidden Track 2: For The Sake Of Revenge 3: Kingdom For A Heart 3:

False News Travel Fast 5: Mary-Lou Acoustic Version 5: Larger Than Life The Wolves Die Young 4: Losing My Insanity 4: Closer To An Animal 5: Take One Breath 4: Ain’t Your Fairytale 5: Cloud Factory Radio Edit 3: Land Of The Free 4: In Black And White 5: For The Sake Of Revenge 3: Shitload Of Money Radio Edit 3: The End Of This Chapter 6: Fly, Navigate, Communicate 4: Your time is up when you see the light You can live as a noble man but when time, You won’t be left behind With the sound of time ringing in his head, He leaves the house where no-one never sleeps Job well done knowing that at least one will be pleased Hiding is always useless, pictures will fade with time Seeking for a winner of the day, prize of life is here Of all the visions seen this one makes him scream.


ecliptica sonata arctica

Fade To Black 5: Die With Your Boots On 4: Making up for the crimes of your life With scythe as your sword, You must fight ‘till the end of time Don’t arctics behind, or you will fall through the time Only time can make you see behind of the curtain hiding The secret. Don’t Say A Word Edit 4: Two Minds, One Soul 3: White Pearl, Black Oceans 8: Don’t Say A Word 4: X Marks The Spot 5: Flag In The Ground 4: Still Loving You Scorpions Cover 4: The Power Of One World In My Eyes 4: Everything Fades To Gray Instrumental 3: It Won’t Fade 6: The Dead Skin 6: Run to You Bonus Track 3: I Have A Right arcticx San Sebastian Revisited 4: We Are What We Are 5: Kingdom For A Heart 3: Kingdom Celiptica A Heart 4:

ecliptica sonata arctica